Review LEGO 10217 Harry Potter : Diagon Alley Set With 2025 Pieces

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The following is a product review article about model LEGO 10217 Harry Potter : Diagon Alley With 2025 Pieces

Since the original suit is a half-sided chicken (only front) structure, Street View Control has to be completed!

There are three buildings in the package are the Pokinport Antique Store, Gullinge Bank, and Ollivander Wand Store (from left to right )!

A set of only 2000+ bricks and 3 buildings, 700 a scene is too hard! Although there are two sets of sisters, it is not enough to relax!

Look at the materials in the set, it seems a lot!

Take you into the central business district of the magic world: Diagon Alley in Harry Potter

Looking forward to waiting for the notice at home, waiting for the owl, looking to buy some magic wands in Diagon Alley, looking forward to going to Gryffindor to see the principal with a long beard, looking forward to having a good friend like Ron Hermione, but the result has been having not achieved. Finally, Harry Potter was over, and Professor Snape was gone, but the constant expectation of the magical world remained.

First, the construction of the wand shop of Ollivander Wand – the flagship store of Diagon Alley Wand. 

Each wand in the wand shop is different because they use different unicorn hairs, phoenix tailfeathers and dragon and snake nerves as the wand core, and use different quality wood as the wand body

Each wizard is suitable for different wands. If you use a wand that should belong to other wizards, you will not achieve the desired results.

Customers who purchase a magic wand must first measure the length, arm length, height, head circumference, and other dimensions of the magic wand, and then select the magic wand according to these parameters.

Ollivander’s family has a long history with the mysterious magic wand making process. It is said that his name means: “People with olive wood wands”.

The interior of the wand shop is full of powerful magic items.

Everyone who comes here, Mr. Olivander will choose from it to find the wand that belongs to you. Almost all the hogs used by Hogwarts students are sold by him. The old man of the story.

Gullingge Bank, the only bank in Diagon Alley, is also a monopoly bank in the wizarding world

In the middle of Diagon Alley, near the intersection with Overturning Alley, there is a tall white marble building, which is the

Gullingge Magic Bank.

There are rumors that the goblins of Gulliinge Bank hired dragon-like creatures to protect certain highly tight vaults.

It can also be inferred that the magic stone must be hidden in Gullingge Bank.

The white bricks restore the characteristics of the marble building and the two-story design. But this is just the surface. There is still a part you can’t see in the Gullingge Bank

This is an unforgettable place guarded by goblins, where wizards and wizards can save their money and valuables in a vault a few miles underground.

Turning over the back, the simple interior of the bank, some safes must be opened by the goblin in the Gullingge Bank. If you want to go in and get some property that does not belong to you, you will have to be careful that property that does not belong to you may bring you bad luck.

After completing the construction of the Gulliinge Bank, you can merge them. This is the second safest place in the magic world except for Hogwarts.

Finally, open the building and join the minifigures, the second scene is completed.

Here is an exclusive memory of every Hogwarts graduate: The Pokinport Antique Store

It is the last building. This dark style of color at first glance is exclusive to black magic.

The mysterious store has a weird atmosphere near it. It is said that the things in the store are extremely attractive, and almost everything has hidden dangerous forces.

There are also various institutions in the store, the most notable of which is the disappearing cabinet. Draco Malfoy used it to open the underground underpass and let Death Eaters enter the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

That’s it, this is the biggest shop in Upturned Alley. It specializes in selling black magic items, some of which are very dangerous. The shop owner Mr. Bo Jin also collects all kinds of strange and evil things while selling.

The three most representative buildings in Diagon Alley are completed, and then invite you to enter the world of magic again.

Hagrid took Harry just out of Gulliinge Bank

Mr. Ollivander is still selling his family business.

Freshmen at Gryffindor College have just bought a wand and are practicing simple spells.

As everyone knows, the Death Eaters are approaching them.

Although there are only three buildings, such a diagonal lane building block can also allow you to experience the author’s imagination for a short time. If you know something about Harry Potter’s story. The story of Harry Potter is over. Regardless of the existence of the magic world, the happiness and memories it brings to us will never disappear

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