Review LEGO 75810 Stranger Story : The Upside Down With 2287 Pieces

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The following is a product review article about model LEGO 75810 Stranger Things: The Upside Down With 2287 Pieces 

Take a look at the upside-down world today!

Everyone may have noticed this inverted LOGO from the cover, which is also the great highlight of this suit. From design to seal painting, this inverted concept (different world and real-world) is reflected all the time. So if you put the box upside down, there is no problem.

Similarly, for the model of this suit, if you want to put it 180 ° upside down, there is no problem at all.

Here are two of the biggest questions that everyone wonders about. How can this suit be reversed and how can it be supported?

First of all, there is no transparent bracket in the picture of this set, and there is no transparent bracket in the actual model. This upside-down world is completely supported by two trees on both sides. The top of the tree is actually a smooth part, which effectively increases The grounding area of ​​the suit is guaranteed to ensure the stability of the suit. In addition, the grass, houses, etc. in the suit have effectively enhanced the rigidity of this model, so the stability when playing is great.

In this suit, you can see that the upper and lower houses are designed in a symmetrical state, and you can see multiple 3-head ball hinges in the middle, which is the site that connects the two-story houses. In other words, after removing these few ball hinges, everyone in this suit can be regarded as two Lego buildings, or they can be displayed after a simple transformation.

After disassembling, you can directly think that this suit is the following two houses, one for 1,000 yuan, two at a time, one normal, one haunted house, each with its own duties, it is very cost-effective. There is no longer any need to think about what constitutes an upside-down American drama set.

In addition, this set does its best to restore the details of the architectural style of the 1980s. The set is full of a lot of retro content. For example, the great white shark poster on the wall, the Lego version was changed to the shark.

In addition, the details of this suit are very rich, if you treat it as a creator expert, there is no problem at all.

The most amazing part was that product used light-emitting parts to restore the colored lights (the scene where the protagonist and mother used electric lights to communicate). You can see the restoration of this effect on the official pictures. How is this achieved? It is achieved by blocking some light sources through stickers in front of the luminous parts. It is not that there are any black-tech chemical elements in the patterns on the wall, but the effect in the real object due to the sticker is not as obvious as the official picture. Little regret.

Speaking of this, all the details are realized by stickers.

Finally, a police car from the 1980s. It has also appeared in the trailer of this suit. Very retro and refined. But what about the other one? It requires the player to moc himself, which does not appear in the suit.

Finally, let ’s take a look at the characters because it is estimated that many players have not seen the American TV series and they do n’t recognize it. Players who have seen the American TV series do n’t need to introduce it. The accessories are very nice, it is worth collecting this is the most important.

Why this suit is the best D2C so far this year, because conceptually, the suit created using the upside-down concept is absolutely excellent, this creativity is unprecedented, the playability is greatly improved, and the drama is restored in a wonderful way Concentrated scenes and concepts. The set shape, details, and characters are all in place and the accessories are rich. If you are a core fan of this series, don’t miss this set; if you haven’t watched this series, from this set alone, it is an absolutely excellent work.

I believe that if you see here, you will also have an overall understanding of this set of products.

Limited replacement of parts or replacement of “talented” parts may make goods worth buying

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