Review LEGO 75936 Jurassic Park: T.Rex Rampage With 3120 Pieces

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The following is a product review article about model LEGO 75936 Jurassic Park: T.Rex Rampage With 3120 Pieces – The BIGGEST LEGO Dinosaur Set !!!

Recently, a set of “no-brand” big dinosaurs was launched. This is a castrated version of Lego’s 75936 by deleting the door and adding the “tourism ball”. The gate feels less attractive to dinosaurs, and the price will be more tempting after castration, so I will try to see if it is worth the price.
 Since it is an unlicensed product, it is impossible to guess who is the “hand behind the scenes” from the packaging box style, number, etc., so it has been treated as a garbage quality mentality…
As the saying goes, there is no disappointment without expectation. Am I in the end? Start evaluating right away!
【Box photos】
Except that the numbering has a bit of direction, there is no way to see who is from the painting… 
There are 4 inner boxes, corresponding to 4 steps of subcontracting. 
Each step corresponds to a manual, which is quite good. 
However, the content still has domestic common problems such as color difference, small errors and so on. 
【Assembly process】 
There are replacement parts at the bottom, and frogs of unknown significance have been removed. 
There are only three mini-figures, and the characters are all from “Jurassic World”. 
Very similar to chicken legs 
(Did you notice where I misspelled it? How do you think the wrong item was originally misspelled… ) 
The tail is section by section, and it’s hungry to fight… 
Too amazing !!!
The sightseeing ball in the instruction manual is wrong, and the actual product is correct. 
The bushing is crooked into a dog… causing the sightseeing ball to not function properly. 
Note that the long corner pieces of “tongue” are soft glue!
Complete the photo.
[International practice, let’s look at the minifigures first]
The performance of the minifigures is okay, and all joints are tight when they are the body. The expression of the heroine is low, and all of them are only one-sided expressions. 
Two little dinosaurs of different colors.
【Sightseeing Ball】
Due to the shaft sleeve problem, it can only be used for static decoration. 
Printing of transparent pieces on both sides is also possible.
【Multi-faced photos of finished products】
It’s huge! With a total length of 69cm, it is not easy to locate it… 
It can be seen that the combination of various parts is good. 
After taking this picture, I suddenly remembered a picture…
The misspelling of “Chicken Leg” has been corrected!

Looking at these legs, I have reason to believe that dinosaurs are the ancestors of chickens.

Each tail has more than one set of spherical joints, so it is very stable. 
Can be bent at this angle.
The balance is good.
Lifting the tail to this angle is still strong
Ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex is as small as a mouse…
【to sum up】
 After the actual assembly is completed, the overall feeling is OK.
 In terms of parts performance, the surface gloss is good, but the nozzle is obvious. The degree of the bite is not very consistent, but the average is “small tight”. However, the colors are more chromatic, and fortunately, the multi-colored shape hides this shortcoming.
 This set is from the following shop, it is not clear whether my name can get the fracture price, you can try it
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